MDNS and Next Steps

Some of you have contacted us regarding how to submit comments to the County on the new MDNS, and what to say.  First of all, thank you for asking.  We need as many people as possible to submit comments, and time is pretty short (due by April 30th). 

However, it will take us a few days to consult with our advisors to write up some talking points that will have the maximum impact.  We plan to have something posted by this Thursday.

Of course you don’t need to wait for our suggestions, but please know that this comment period is about the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process.  So the focus of comments should be on what is missing from the existing analysis of impacts and proposed mitigation. (There will be a Special Use Permit Hearing and separate comment period sometime in the coming months). 

While it is always tempting to simply state that a full Environmental Impact Statement is needed, this demand by itself does not specify what the County and Applicant still needs to do to fully evaluate and mitigate for the impacts of the proposal. 

To be most meaningful, the comments should state what has not adequately been evaluated.  There are a lot of gaps in the existing assessments, and the proposed mitigation falls woefully short, but it is a lot to sort through.  We will attempt to consolidate the issues and post it later this week.

Stay tuned!

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